Not-at-all-fun things to do with Twitter

Every once in a while I hit another breathless article about all the cool things you can do with Twitter. Most of them involve either following things I don’t actually care about or submitting obscure numbers for reasons unknown.

So here’s the start of a list of things that might seem less fun.

  • Get your stuff stolen. When I get into burglary, I’ll start with Twitter. Hey, Ian’s at a play! That’s plenty of time to take his MacBook and mardi gras beads.
  • Get spammed. OK, The Onion stopped, but still, it’s like double opt-in to friendly spam.
  • Be fooled by a fake celebrity. Ira Glass? Fake Ira Glass, currently dealing in non-sequiturs. (Some were likely devastated.)
  • Keep up with dictators.
    what are you doing?

    (Sadly, I believe Twitter has started blocking the creation of other dictator’s names: Pol Pot & Robert Mugabe were “unavailable” but have no pages. Probably that’s a good thing.)
  • Wait for pages to load. You already knew that one, but I was Internetally obligated to include it. Sorry, I don’t make the law.

Anything else to add?

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  1. 1 lydia Jul 1st, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    also announcing to the world you’ve been arrested.

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