Starting a Seattle CTO Support Group

I’ve been thinking for a while about trying to put together a Seattle “CTO Support Group” and have mentioned this to a few folks, and I’m finally kicking this off. I posted basically this message to the Seattle Tech Startups mailing list this past Friday, but I’m not sure who that hits and misses. I’ve had ~20 people express interest so far.

Opening thoughts:

  • Attendees are CTOs (or whatever title denotes “head of technology” – software and ops) at local companies/govts/etc. Starting point is that this is one person in a company, feel free to tell me that this doesn’t make sense for your organization, but the goal isn’t a replacement for other tech gatherings with more open invites.
  • Figure the makeup of the group will determine the balance between small/medium/large companies, private v. public, funded v. bootstrapped, etc. Early folks have been primarily (but not entirely) small startups.
  • Would have regular get-togethers – breakfast? lunch? – hosted by some company, ideally in a regular location (prob. in downtown Seattle or Pioneer Square) or in a rotating location.
  • Get-togethers would be 70% mingling, 30% presentation (probably from someone in the group) on an interesting topic – could be technical, could be managerial, could be look-at-the-industry. Assumption is that the content and topics are meant for hands-on leaders and are real-world, not stuff we’d read in a Gartner report if we read them anymore. Obviously interactive.
  • Assumption is that everything is under FrieNDA.

If you fit the description and would be interested enough to attend regularly, let me know (and if you have a preference b/w breakfast or lunch, or another bright idea, let me know that as well). There’s an “Email Me” link in the sidebar of scottru.com. I’ll likely host the first one in the next N weeks at WhitePages HQ in downtown Seattle (and probably could host regularly, we have a good space depending on size).

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  1. 1 Amanda Nov 3rd, 2021 at 9:03 am

    Your site looks great but I did notice that the word “gras” appears to be spelled incorrectly. I saw a couple small issues like this. I thought you would like to know!

    In case you wanted to fix it, in the past we’ve used services from a websites like HelloSpell.com to keep our site error-free.

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