Speaking for the only-speaking

So I’m reading the New Yorker article on Sheldon Adelson’s political maneuverings and I came across the following passage:

“About three hours later DeLay calls and he tells Sheldon, ‘You’re in luck,’ ” he continued, “ ‘because we’ve got a military-spending bill. . . . We’re not going to be able to move the bill, so you tell your mayor that he can be assured that this bill will never see the light of day.’… (According to DeLay’s spokeswoman, DeLay does not recall the conversation and had no role in blocking the bill)

And my immediate reaction is this:

Tom DeLay has a spokeswoman?

Political opinions aside, what exactly does Tom DeLay need a spokeswoman for? Wikipedia says his current work includes a ghostwritten blog and a book he wrote with a professional writer. Otherwise, all he does is speak – to the press, at least, says Google News. Speaking is his job: he needs someone else to speak sometimes? Maybe this is some sort of post-Congressional pension – your own (or shared) spokesperson?

What does this person do all day? How often does she have to speak for the person who at this point just speaks? Does she speak for other people as well?

Perhaps this post will become the #1 SEO result for “Tom DeLay Spokeswoman,” and she’ll Google herself, and she’ll respond. We can only hope that I can corner that search niche.

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